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Submitted on
June 24, 2013
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      You woke up bright and early. You were so pumped for the party that was tonight. Your parents already left for work and they wouldn't be back for a couple of days because they had a conference in Japan. You wished they would take you on the trips but they always said 'When you get older' . You thought you were old enough but not in their eyes. That thought didn't bother you now because your main focus is the party.

      The day went by pretty quickly it was almost 5 pm. The party started at 6 so you decided to get into the shower and get ready for the party. After the shower you got into the dress and headed into the bathroom to fix your hair. You quickly blow-dried your hair and then you french braided you hair. You put on a light amount of makeup, then you headed over to your computer to print out the invitation you had this feeling that you were going to need it.

      Once the invitation was printed out you put your shoes on and headed to the party. It was a short but lovely walk over to the house. The party sounded like it already started by the sound of blaring music. You walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. The door opened and you saw America standing right in front of you. 'This can't be America, the Hetalia guys aren't real' you thought. All you did was stare at him 'This isn't real snap out of this _____' you said in your head.

"umm dude I think you got the wrong house" The person who looked and sounded like America said.

"n-no I got a p-party invitation t-to this exact h-house" You stuttered.

"Sorry only certain people were invited, unless you have proof you have to leave" He said.

        You unfolded the invitation and handed it to him. You felt like you were getting your self into trouble but something kept telling you to stay, you felt it was your destiny to stay. You watched as his eyes scanned the paper and then you noticed his eyes widen from what he just read.

"This can't be right, then that means I forgot someone" The America look alike started to panic. "Come in and sit down" He said.

        You sat down on the couch and you can feel eyes all on you. All the guests started to get closer to you, you noticed everyone was from Hetalia. France, Prussia, and Spain came closer to you for a better inspection.

"Vhat is a Frau doing here?" Prussia said breaking the awkward silence in the room.

"I was invited" Everyone gasped at what you said.

"You Bloody wanker who the hell did you forget!" You heard a British accent shout from across the room.

"Dude I must have accidentally typed a wrong email in" You heard the American Reply back to Brit.

       You could easily figure out who was missing all you needed was to see who was all here. You stood up real quick and glanced around the room to see who was missing. Then it hit you Where's Canada?

"Canda's missing" You shouted over to the Brit. and American.

"Who's Canada?" A majority of the room asked.

"He is America's Brother" You told the room.

"Oh yea how could I forget about my Bro- Wait! did you Say Canada and America!? How did you know?" He asked completely baffled.

"Well you see There is this anime called Hetalia and you all play a role in it but I never thought you were all were real" You said.

"Well since you know who we are you can't go back home or to your old school. We all will have to keep a close eye on you" America said.

"Who is going to watch her first?" France asked. You never knew that your life was going to change by being accidentally invited to a party. This will certainly be interesting.
Ok I had this all typed up yesterday and I was about to post it but noooo it decided to delete it self and then my stupid internet went out so I had to rewrite this whole thing. I hope you enjoy this chapter,

Now I need some voting done who should it be that watches you first? comment below the more comments I get that faster i'll be able to write the next chapter.

*they are not the only character to vote for PLEASE comment below on what character you want to watch you*
Italy and Romano- 6
Russia- 1

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2: Here
Chapter 4:
Chap. 5: soon to come
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